Shama Aktar

Shama took part in the LSMP programme in 2015. She spent her week with ITV, Microsoft, Yahoo, Viacom and premier sports club, the Harlequins. Shama has won a scholarship with Trowers & Hamlins and is now studying law at City, University of London.

Shama says of her experience:
"LSMP is a great programme and a fantastic opportunity for young individuals who aspire to work in the legal profession. It has had a big impact on my life and is something I will always refer back to. I would highly recommend this programme to my younger peers. While it is intense, it comes with so many great opportunities and it was an incredible experience that I thoroughly enjoyed."

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Usman Aslam

Usman took part in the LSMP in 2016 and is now applying for Solicitor Apprentice positions.

"LSMP provides an incredible opportunity to young individuals to get first-hand experience in the legal profession. Through the LSMP programme, I had an exceptional chance to meet the in-house teams of ITV, Barclays, Aviva and Fremantle Media thus widening my understanding of the profession. The programme has had a major effect on my life. Post LSMP I have received great support from the LSMP team in helping me with career pathways such as deciding between university and apprenticeships alongside CV building. I would recommend the programme to any young individual. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity that can open many doors in the process."

Kerrie Norris

Kerrie took part in the LSMP programme in 2016. Her LSMP week included time at Harlequins Rugby Club, England Rugby (RFU), Land Securities, AIG and ITV. Kerrie is now studying for a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) & MPsych in Advanced Psychology at the University of Leeds.

Kerrie says of her experience:
"I am appreciative of the new opportunities that these schemes have opened up for me, and I am ready to work hard to not let this opportunity go to waste."

Read Kerrie's full account of her LSMP experience click here.

Here’s what others had to say about LSMP

"I used the experience in my personal statement and it has helped me get all my offers at University. The course has made me believe in myself and I feel so much more ambitious and confident."

Angelica, a student from Kingsway College

"I enjoyed going to different businesses and learning about how the law is applied differently in each one. My highlight was going to Freemantle Media as I learnt some great interview techniques and also skills such as team-work and listening; my self-confidence improved greatly."

Ayo, a student from Harris Academy

"This newly enlarged partnership is a wonderful opportunity for our students to get some early exposure to the corporate world within a legal setting. Clearly, many students assume that the legal profession is inaccessible to them but the LSMP is an important step in breaking down any real or imagined glass ceiling."

ohn Dowd, Headmaster at Haverstock School

"The LSMP Programme was a brilliant opportunity to get a real insight in to the in-house legal world. I have met and gained so many contact from brilliant lawyers who were really willing to help me and urged me to contact them regarding my personal statement and any career advice they had for me. For me the programme has really motivated me to achieve my goal of becoming a great lawyer and really motivated me for last year of A levels to get the grades to get in to a great university which would enable me to get the best start in my career as a lawyer. I wanted to just also mention that the day at Aviva was brilliant although our team did not win the extra work experience the presentation in front of the senior staff was really confidence boosting. The programme has also made me defiantly want to study Law at university which I am currently in the process of writing my personal statement for, and would like to ask your permission to be able to use your name when talking about the LSMP."

Joshua Patterson, The Priory School Dorking, Surrey

Impact Survey

Here are some key highlights from our most recent Impact Survey:

  • All students attended state school and would either be first generation in their immediate family to attend university or are (or have been) eligible for free school meals. In some cases students met all of the above criteria.

  • 94% of participants would 'definitely' recommend LSMP to other students.

  • Following the programme, 95% of students stated that they had a good or very good understanding of the legal profession, including the difference between private practice and in-house roles, compared to 41% before.

  • 86% of students had a good or very good understanding of the qualifications and skills required for a career in law after the programme, compared with 57% before.

  • 88% of the students said they had a positive opinion of the legal profession after taking part in LSMP.

  • 98% said they were highly or very highly motivated to achieve their career goals following the programme.

  • All students scored themselves against a matrix of work-related and knowledge skills either side of the programme. After the programme, the average score increased across all skills, particularly: preparing a CV, networking, presentation and negotiating skills and influencing people.

  • Students gave an average score of 3.6 out of 4 when asked how useful the programme was for job interview preparation and building workplace skills.

  • 74% of participating organisations reported that LSMP helped strengthen their relationships with their partner firm/in-house team. Making LSMP not only a CSR programme but also a BD opportunity.

  • 64% of businesses reported an increase in senior buy-in to CSR initiatives.

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