LSMP provides a full service alumni offering to all students who participate in the Work Insight and Skills Training weeks held nationwide each year.

As an LSMP participant you can access various alumni services including:

  • assistance with the creation of your Personal Statement and CV;
  • assistance with completing application forms;
  • assistance with preparation for interviews;
  • attendance at university preparation events;
  • support from Aspiring Solicitors Student Ambassadors upon starting university;
  • access to law firm introduction events; and
  • details of work opportunities and networking/education events at LSMP Partners.
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Find a Virtual Coach

Draw upon the experience of solicitors in the Aspiring Solicitors Professional Ambassador Network for advice on the composition of your CV/Personal Statement, completion of application forms and preparation for university and job interviews.

Click the button to identify a coach and then register with AS to access their support!

All advice will be delivered by phone or by email. There is a strict 'no meet' policy to ensure safeguarding. Should a coach suggest a face to face meeting, students should immediately use the contact form in the Contact section of this website to alert LSMP and AS.

Sign Up for Alumni Events

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Support at University

Get support from Aspiring Solicitors Student Ambassadors at University and access events run in conjunction with major law firms and employers. Click the button to sign up with AS.

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